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Turning the Spotlight on Women in Science

source DrDoyenne over at Women in Wetlands has noted over the years how often the students comment on the lack of female role models in science… and how difficult it is for them to name famous female scientists and their … Continue reading

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Living in the Void: Healthcare

&format A Void Ship-Every postdoc should have one, but oh so few do. (Image from Wikia) Being a postdoc is like being stuck in The Void between realities.* We tend to fall into this amorphous, ambiguous state. We’re not students … Continue reading

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Give and Take

Balance seems to be one of those things that everyone is trying to find. It’s a difficult and delicate thing to maintain. For me, it often ends up looking like this: Video 1. belle chases her tail whilst precariously balanced. … Continue reading

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Viewpoints on Mega-science

Genomic Repairman, it seems, is a fanboy of NCI Director Harold Varmus. Recently the flames of the professional crush were fanned when Varmus commented on the importance of “small science”. In The Cancer Letter, Varmus is paraphrased/quoted, saying: Although “big … Continue reading

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