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Obstacles in cancer research – funding, evaluation, & complex disease

Yesterday morning, director of the National Cancer Institute, Harold Varmus, addressed the National Press Club on the achievements and challenges of cancer research. Varmus covered quite a few topics, but here are a few highlights that stood out for me: If … Continue reading

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Retractions: What are they good for?

Retraction. It’s perhaps one of the juiciest words in scientific language. One might think of it as the Scarlet Letter of science, a public stamp that can trigger gossip, speculation, whispers… Something went wrong somewhere, and someone is paying for … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup: Abbreviations and acronyms in scientific communication

Acronyms and abbreviations abound in scientific communications. With the lengthy and at times complicated names scientists give to molecules and methods, it is no surprise that we need to shorten these into something that doesn’t take up half a line … Continue reading

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Burden of Proof

One of my favorite new blogs this year is Retraction Watch, written by Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky, both carrying substantial science editing and journalism credentials. If you’re a scientist and you’re not following it, you really should. Anyway, last week brought the … Continue reading

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E-publishing sucks (or why I’m still killing trees)

Hiya, publishers. I’m a big fan of having research articles accessible with a few clicks. It can sometimes be a bit aggravating to get full access, having to copy and paste proxies or go through my institutions library, but I … Continue reading

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