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Science, the human endeavor

From astrophysics to microbiology to behavioral science, one common thread runs through all research – the human element. Science is an intrinsically human endeavor. It takes human curiosity to ask the questions, human logic to design the experiments, human ingenuity … Continue reading

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Fitness of body and mind and #50APs

A recurring topic for many of us (and by “us”, I mean scientists & non-scientists alike) is taking the time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes it involves calling it a day┬áin spite of the dozen other things we need … Continue reading

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Taking a hint

Dark circles under the eyes, disheveled hair, wrinkled clothing, dragging feet, quadruple shot ultra venti redeye in hand… The image of the hard-working grad student or postdoc… Or the one about to collapse from exhaustion? We sometimes portray this image … Continue reading

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Dreams of sushi… or science

There’s a legendary phenotype in this business. It’s that person for whom what s/he does is more than a job, more than even a passion. It’s an obsession, a sort of calling almost. Consider this example. At 85 years old, … Continue reading

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Favorite things: Technology for fitness

Science keeps us busy. Actually life keeps us busy. It’s easy to let one thing become so big and overwhelming that we allow it to monopolize every moment of our day. Some supervisors and head honchos even encourage this sort … Continue reading

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