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Living in the Void: The postdoc “contract”

Prompted by a discussion on the Twitts… You got the offer for the postdoc position you wanted. The letter outlines your salary and benefits, and it notes that you’ll have a one-year appointment with an option for renewal. You take … Continue reading

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This is a point I was planning to bring up later, but since a comment on the last post has already hit it, let’s start now. IHStreet said, My worry with this discussion for sustainability is that Ph.D.’s and postdocs will … Continue reading

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A Chemical Imbalance: Gender and Chemistry in Academia

As an undergrad preparing for med school, I fell in love with chemistry, thanks in large part to a quirky gen chem professor. He convinced me that a biochem major would be great for pre-med. That department became my home … Continue reading

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What’s the point (of the Ph.D.)?

A fancy degree. A hefty book. If you’re lucky, a few journal articles under your name. And the title of “Doctor”. These are probably the most tangible deliverables of a Ph.D. in the sciences. We talk about how Ph.D. programs … Continue reading

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Morning musing: Decline of the doctorate?

Of late, I have noted, among a subset of scientists, a disposition that the quality of the PhD candidate and/or PhD training declined. Of course, this is based on purely subjective measures – usually centered on the degree of independence … Continue reading

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