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Fitness of body and mind and #50APs

A recurring topic for many of us (and by “us”, I mean scientists & non-scientists alike) is taking the time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes it involves calling it a day in spite of the dozen other things we need … Continue reading

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My personal manifesto

Ever wished you could a message to yourself in the past? I wrote a letter to a 13-year old biochembelle for the Science Club for Girls Letter to My Younger Self project. It’s meant to be for a kid that … Continue reading

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Blogging with substance-which substance, we won’t say

The substance could be coffee. Or something stronger. I’m not telling. A couple of days ago, Jason Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal tagged me in a little meme purportedly started by The Blogfather Bora. This meme is short, and the … Continue reading

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There’s always a running joke amongst benchmonkeys that goes something like, “If this whole science thing doesn’t work out, then I’ll…” Open a coffee shop in Hawaii Run a restaurant/bakery Start a combination icecream/cocktail truck (that will make stops at all … Continue reading

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Yay, science!

That pretty much sums up how I feel after the first week in my new postdoc lab. Despite spending the week in orientations, doing online training, and reading papers for my new project, I’m pumped up about science again. It … Continue reading

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