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This is a point I was planning to bring up later, but since a comment on the last post has already hit it, let’s start now. IHStreet said, My worry with this discussion for sustainability is that Ph.D.’s and postdocs will … Continue reading

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Changing equilibria in the research enterprise – An #xBio #SBRE debrief

Many scientists spend years and even decades learning how their favorite systems – growth factor signaling, for instance – work and how to fix them when they go awry. We now have a daunting system to define and modify – the biomedical … Continue reading

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Obstacles in cancer research – funding, evaluation, & complex disease

Yesterday morning, director of the National Cancer Institute, Harold Varmus, addressed the National Press Club on the achievements and challenges of cancer research. Varmus covered quite a few topics, but here are a few highlights that stood out for me: If … Continue reading

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More money, more jobs, and other fairy tale dreams

Postdoc salaries and benefits are something of a perennial topic in the scientific community. It’s no secret that postdocs would like to make more money and get better benefits, whether in the form of better health insurance or actually starting … Continue reading

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The oversupply fallacy

For the love of all that is good and reasonable, please, everyone, stop using the percentage of scientists becoming research faculty as a measure of PhD oversupply. If there are too many PhDs, then there will be more scientists than … Continue reading

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