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A harebrained scheme for science careers training

Last night, I left you with a brief rambling about the point of Ph.D. training in science (tl;dr – to be a scientist; not a PI or a researcher, but simply a scientist) and a flurry of questions on expanding … Continue reading

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What’s the point (of the Ph.D.)?

A fancy degree. A hefty book. If you’re lucky, a few journal articles under your name. And the title of “Doctor”. These are probably the most tangible deliverables of a Ph.D. in the sciences. We talk about how Ph.D. programs … Continue reading

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Science, the human endeavor

From astrophysics to microbiology to behavioral science, one common thread runs through all research – the human element. Science is an intrinsically human endeavor. It takes human curiosity to ask the questions, human logic to design the experiments, human ingenuity … Continue reading

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