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The pipeline isn’t leaky

It doesn’t take long in science to hear the questions. Why are women in science leaving academia? Why are they leaking out of the┬ápipeline? Periodically there’s something that makes me think about the language we use. The more it comes … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Reflection – Process of Change

Change is a process. I suppose sometimes change happens, and we react, adjust, roll with it. But internal change is a process. It takes time and proceeds in stages, by fits & starts. The first is becoming aware of a … Continue reading

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Practical perseverance

I have a problem. I have a bit of a fixation on finishing what I start, of sticking through to the bitter end (whatever that endpoint is in my head). This “problem”, as I label it, seems as if it … Continue reading

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Getting what you need

A partial response to an open thread, this post originally appeared on September 19, 2009 at my old Blogger home. (Holy rat balls, who’d have thought Blogger could have gotten worse? But it did.) Bear = my PhD adviser; PSU … Continue reading

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Supply & demand of mentoring – An open thread

My post on gender in academia was reposted at CENtral Science this week, and an interesting discussion was sparked in the comments & continued on Twitter. Are women in science getting less mentoring than our male colleagues? Or do women … Continue reading

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