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E-publishing sucks (or why I’m still killing trees)

Hiya, publishers. I’m a big fan of having research articles accessible with a few clicks. It can sometimes be a bit aggravating to get full access, having to copy and paste proxies or go through my institutions library, but I … Continue reading

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Did someone say that already?

There’s been a bit of discussion lately about the issue of “self-plagiarism” in science. Beyond that, Chemjobber recently posted about plagiarising the work of others and how you define that in sciences. After all, when you’ve got 10 or 20 or … Continue reading

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Sometimes there are things I want to say, but I often restrain myself. Not so much here. Hope you enjoy my pseudononymous farewell to a “special someone” in my scientific life… Christina Aguilera – Fighter Uploaded by xtinaweborg. – … Continue reading

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Learning without teaching: A repost and addendum

GertyZ is a little irritated with all the whiny grad students and disgruntledocs. My own response reminded me of a post I wrote a year ago. It seemed appropriate to repost and update now. —————————————- The following was originally posted … Continue reading

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Lighting fires

As I was cleaning out my desk recently, I found this: If it sounds a little like a blogger you know, that’s because it is. Well, to be exact it’s adapted from a comment left on my blog quite some time … Continue reading

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