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Science, the human endeavor

From astrophysics to microbiology to behavioral science, one common thread runs through all research – the human element. Science is an intrinsically human endeavor. It takes human curiosity to ask the questions, human logic to design the experiments, human ingenuity … Continue reading

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Implicit context

Early career scientists are oft showered with advice, recommendations, and suggestions from mentors, committees, more senior peers, random folks we just met at a conference. Everyone has hir take. We (hopefully) learn how to filter this information, assessing itsĀ  relevance, … Continue reading

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Dreams of sushi… or science

There’s a legendary phenotype in this business. It’s that person for whom what s/he does is more than a job, more than even a passion. It’s an obsession, a sort of calling almost. Consider this example. At 85 years old, … Continue reading

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Morning musing: Decline of the doctorate?

Of late, I have noted, among a subset of scientists, a disposition that the quality of the PhD candidate and/or PhD training declined. Of course, this is based on purely subjective measures – usually centered on the degree of independence … Continue reading

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The oversupply fallacy

For the love of all that is good and reasonable, please, everyone, stop using the percentage of scientists becoming research faculty as a measure of PhD oversupply. If there are too many PhDs, then there will be more scientists than … Continue reading

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