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Living in the Void: How much is a postdoc worth?

A couple of months ago, I wrote what I intended to be the first post in a series about issues concerning postdoc pay, benefits, protections… We tend to fall into this amorphous, ambiguous state. We’re not students anymore, but we’re … Continue reading

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Biochembelle and my secret identity

I have been blogging as biochembelle for approximately 1.3 years now. It has been a fascinating thing. Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking considerably about where this part of my life has come from, where it has taken … Continue reading

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Shock Week

As you’re probably aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock), the Nobel Prize announcements were made last week, with the Prize in Economic Sciences being revealed tomorrow. Of course, it seems we can’t make it through Nobel Week without … Continue reading

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Blogging with substance-which substance, we won’t say

The substance could be coffee. Or something stronger. I’m not telling. A couple of days ago, Jason Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal tagged me in a little meme purportedly started by The Blogfather Bora. This meme is short, and the … Continue reading

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There’s always a running joke amongst benchmonkeys that goes something like, “If this whole science thing doesn’t work out, then I’ll…” Open a coffee shop in Hawaii Run a restaurant/bakery Start a combination icecream/cocktail truck (that will make stops at all … Continue reading

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