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Changing course, Part 5: Asking & answering the tough questions

Previously biochembelle unexpectedly shared her plan to change career directions with her postdoc adviser. Would his admonitions change her mind? I hadn’t expected my adviser to necessarily embrace the idea. I had even anticipated some pushback. But I had not … Continue reading

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Changing course, Part 4: Taking a step & encountering resistance

Last time, biochembelle started investigating some career options. She discovered that she was ready to leave the tenure track and head down a new path. What would the next step be? … One day, all these thoughts about my future were … Continue reading

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Changing course, Part 3: Open exploration

Previously biochembelle started taking a look at what she had to offer the professional world. Now the question was, where did she want to go? I had spent a long time focusing on others – their needs, their expectations, their … Continue reading

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Changing course, Part 2: Preparing to consider possibilities

Last time on Ever On & On, biochembelle sensed a disturbance in the force, the hints of a squirrelly feeling about the plan to pursue a faculty gig. Now the continuation… It took some time for me to realize that something … Continue reading

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Changing course, Part 1: Permission to consider

When we’ve been pursuing a path for a while, considering a change of course might not come easily. I think we often expect to realize a need or desire for change to come in a flash of clarity and certainty. Perhaps … Continue reading

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