The postdoc’s tale

Here are a few selected posts about the postdoc life.

The postdoc fellow (Homo disgruntledocius*) is an odd beast. It is little wonder that many myths about this species exist. Even after being one for over two years, I am still learning much about the immense variation that my fellow postdocs encounter in areas such as healthcare (original post**) and pay (original post**).

Postdocs, perhaps more so than grad students, have to learn important skills without being explicitly taught. And as with any thing involving humans, you have to learn how and when to play politics.

Of course, there are many other challenges, such as problem projects and personality conflicts. In some cases, such as my own, you might decide it’s time to cut your losses and move on. I have recounted a few Lessons from a Recovering Postdoc on the Benchfly blog.

I will be adding posts from other blogs, so if you have a recommended link, leave it in the comments.

* It should be noted that, to my knowledge, the term disgruntledoc was coined by Dr. Drugmonkey who has extensive experience with this species.
** These were originally posted on LabSpaces. Comments didn’t export here but are worth a read. However, I do not follow comments there regularly, so you’ll get a quicker response by posting on the linked WordPress versions.

3 Responses to The postdoc’s tale

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  2. Klara says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this overview – quite handy for a fresh disgruntledoc like moi 😀 Looking forward to reading through!

  3. cascade21 says:

    Two of my friends are doing their first postdocs in NY. Within about two months, they became hardcore disgruntledocs….wonder if this is a general trend for UK –> US scientists?

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