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Flexibility: More than a women’s issue

Last night, Pub-Style Science (formerly Isis vs Tomasson) had, by all accounts, a very stimulating discussion about being a #scimom. Although I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, it sparked a flurry of Twitter & blogging activity in … Continue reading

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Owning your emotions (Or why it’s OK to be a “mess” sometimes)

Last night, I caught part of an episode of Big Bang Theory. It’s not a show I typically watch. In this episode, one character (Leonard) gets irritated with his neurotic roommate (Sheldon) for revealing a big Harry Potter spoiler, which … Continue reading

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A Chemical Imbalance: Gender and Chemistry in Academia

As an undergrad preparing for med school, I fell in love with chemistry, thanks in large part to a quirky gen chem professor. He convinced me that a biochem major would be great for pre-med. That department became my home … Continue reading

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Because Dr Isis wants to be entertained… In my desk: a comb, a watch & iPod charger I rarely never use because I have a smartphone for the gym, naproxen, lotion (that I really only use in winter), gum (from … Continue reading

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