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More money, more jobs, and other fairy tale dreams

Postdoc salaries and benefits are something of a perennial topic in the scientific community. It’s no secret that postdocs would like to make more money and get better benefits, whether in the form of better health insurance or actually starting … Continue reading

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The oversupply fallacy

For the love of all that is good and reasonable, please, everyone, stop using the percentage of scientists becoming research faculty as a measure of PhD oversupply. If there are too many PhDs, then there will be more scientists than … Continue reading

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Grad School Admissions – Paper vs. Person

It’s that time of year when most STEM departments at U.S. universities are winding down their season of interviews and recruitment weekends for their Ph.D. programs. But just what are those visit weekends for? For some programs, acceptance (and rejection) … Continue reading

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