If a white guy isn’t there, why would anyone want it?

A while back I ran across this assertion in an article about the fate of science in the U.S. that bugged me. Basically it cites the fact that fewer white guys are pursuing scientific careers in the U.S. as evidence that careers in science are less attractive than they used to be; it cited similar trends in other fields that have fallen out of favor, so to speak. I think I tweeted about this. Then forgot it…. until I read it in another article today. I will have more to say about it later, I’m sure, but until then, what do you think?

But don’t stop there. Comments are enabled for a reason.

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7 Responses to If a white guy isn’t there, why would anyone want it?

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  2. DrugMonkey says:

    There is the mediating variable of $$. but complex to get causal directionality.

  3. Lab Rat says:

    Teachers, secretaries, arts subjects as soon as a job begins to be perceived as something women go into, it becomes less valuable in the publics eyes. (often, not always although I can’t think of a counter example right now).

    The same thing is happening with biological vs. physical sciences. Physical sciences and maths are where more men are found, and these are seen as the more *real* sciences. Woman are endemic in biological sciences and they are starting to be seen even now as more ‘soft’ sciences.

  4. Spiny Norman says:

    The questions-as-phrased are pointless, as is Lab Rat’s (ahistorical, ignorant) comment on physical sciences vs. life sciences. In the latter case one need only look at where the money is going. It’s not to the physical sciences, that’s for sure.

  5. Lab Rat says:

    Fair enough, I was thinking more about general attitudes than money. A lot of the guys in doing physical sciences tend to look down on the ‘softer’ biological sciences.

    But yeah Norman is right that is anec-data more than anything else.

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  7. anon says:

    If white guys don’t want it, then there must be something wrong with it. White guys think getting the best is their birthright.

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