Who are you, and what are you doing here?

Although I’ve only been on WordPress for a couple of months, I have now been blogging for just over year. So it seems well-timed to pick up DrugMonkey’s call for Why do you keep looking at me? posts. So, even if you don’t comment here normally, as PalMD said, throw me a bone.

  • Who are you people? Non-scientist? Scientist? Student? Fellow disgruntledoc? Figment?
  • How did you find me? And what keeps you coming back?
  • For something completely random, what Disney character have you found most terrifying at some point in your life? (You’re looking at mine… granted I was 3, but Figment freaked me out.)
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12 Responses to Who are you, and what are you doing here?

  1. Dr. O says:

    I’m a pregnant microbiology postdoc looking for faculty positions, and I’m pretty sure I found your blog through Twitter. I’ve enjoyed it ever since for several reasons: good writing, interesting posts on your postdoc experience, and your southern flare. 😉

    I never had a fear of Disney characters, except for the ones that were supposed to be scary (evil stepmothers and the like). But my little brother was terrified of Goofy after our first visit to Disney World. Before that trip, Goofy was a dumb but lovable pup. When the “real” Goofy came out to visit us during dinner one night, bro realized he was a giant. This did NOT sit well with him.

  2. I think I found your blog through someone else’s blogroll. I’m a grad student in ecophysiology. I’ve never really found any Disney characters very frightening, but I was terrified of the original Willy Wonka.

  3. Astrophysics grad student here, and I found you through some blogroll or another, I’m sure. I keep coming back for the great writing and finding out about another hopeful scientist in a different discipline. Figment was my FAVORITE!! I still have a little plastic figurine that my cat found two days ago, actually. I, instead, was terrified of McDonald’s Hamburglar. When my parents took away my bottle, they told me a burglar stole it, and the only “burglar” I knew of was Hamburglar. He still freaks me out.

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  5. I’m a grad student doing some cell bio type stuff. I can’t remember how I found you…hmm. I enjoy your perspective on things and I’m a southern girl. As for Disney character that scares the bejeezus out of me…totally Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She was straight up evil!

  6. Seems like I should have a copy-paste reply ready for these. Fourth year grad student in Developmental Psych. Started out doing neuroimaging of reading and dyslexia, but moving to animal cognition. Found you on twitter, either via DM or Zen. The Disney villains never bothered me but to this day the Wizard of Oz witch and flying monkeys creep me out.

  7. X engineer postdocing in a large biomedicine related lab. Forget how I found the blog (surely through a comment you left somewhere or a blogroll), but I stay for the good writing and the fact that you’re a postdoc! Gotsta stick together. 🙂

    Disney character- have always hated Goofy.

  8. drugmonkey says:

    JGG, check out that miniseries called “Tin Man”. The flying monkeys in that are awesomez!

    That whole ‘Go on and ….rape the girl’ scene in Little Mermaids freaks me the hell out.

  9. Dr Becca says:

    Senior post-doc (now THERE’S a euphemism for you!) in neuroscience, still holding on to shreds of hope that I’ll land a TT job one day. I’m pretty sure you found me first, actually–you commented on my blog way back when I was first starting out, I followed the link, and the rest is history! I keep coming back because of your well thought-out, balanced take on this crazy post-doc life, and your excellent taste in cocktails.

  10. I’m on the tenure track at a PUI after doing a one year visiting ass position at another PUI. I probably found you through a comment, and I’m not terribly good at keeping up with blog reading.

    The evil witch on sleeping beauty still freaks me out.

  11. TT faculty about to start my… gulp… third year on the job. I can’t recall how I found your blog, but I also can’t remember my home phone #, so it shouldn’t be that surprising.

    I don’t recall being freaked out by a Disney character, but clowns bother the shit out of me.

  12. I just started reading your blog sometime in June. I don’t recall what directed me here — I think I was getting messages from blogrolls and other’s blogposts and figured I should check it out.

    I am defending my PhD in a field in the physical sciences this month. And otherwise am in Limbo. As I also just recently celebrated one year blogging, I’m going to steal your/DrugMonkey’s meme.

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