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My future foretold

A not-so-excellent comment on an excellent post by Dr. Isis: If we all waited for tenureship [to have children] there would be a lot of bitter dried up old childless prunes. This is eexactly the attitude that encourages departments to … Continue reading

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Simple Essentials: Analog tools I love

Technology has changed how we do things in many ways. If you have written a grant, review article, or dissertation, you can appreciate how it’s made that aspect of your life easier. Have you ever thought what it would be … Continue reading

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To be me again…

Yesterday I finally had that moment where I realized I’m beginning to feel like me again. Maybe you know what I mean. For quite a long time now–at least a year, if not closer to two–I’ve felt out of sorts … Continue reading

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Cleaning day

Achoo!¬†Hmm, it was getting a little dusty over here. I’ve been blogging over at LabSpaces for about six weeks now. There’s a great, fun group of bloggers over there, and I’ve been enjoying myself. However, I find that I sometimes … Continue reading

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The Changeup

A few years ago, the end of my PhD was in sight (even if it was a bit hazy and afar), and thus the time had come for me to decide what I wanted to do next. I had spent … Continue reading

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