Cleaning day

Achoo! Hmm, it was getting a little dusty over here.

I’ve been blogging over at LabSpaces for about six weeks now. There’s a great, fun group of bloggers over there, and I’ve been enjoying myself. However, I find that I sometimes crave the simplicity, the freedom, and the zen of my solo space. So I decided it was time to clean this place up a bit, maybe spend a little more time here. This isn’t a defection, by any means. I will still be posting at LabSpaces every week or so, but I will also be writing here. I initially was not interested in maintaining two blogs, but sometimes I have things to say that might not fit well in the LabSpaces arena. I haven’t decided how everything is going to sort out yet. I think LabSpaces will be reserved for a specific set of post topics (probably related to science policy/politics), other stuff will go here, and there will likely be some cross-posting. I’m kind of figuring this out as I go along. Thanks for your patience while I sort it out!

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