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12 Months of Biochembelle

First, a little bloggy business: As you probably know by now, I decided to stop blogging at LabSpaces (you can find my farewell post there) and will be posting all my ramblings here. I’ve been archiving my LabSpaces posts here … Continue reading

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Gender and blogging (and everything else)

Women–in many arenas–are often not as readily recognized or recalled as men in the same arenas. There are many causes and variables, ranging from overt sexism to much more socialization aspects. Often, there are many women in these arenas, they’re … Continue reading

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Payoffs of wasting time

“Nothing matters but papers.” This is the mantra of some folks in academic science, as highlighted in Doctor Zen’s post, which was sparked by a comment from an SfN10 blogger on Tideliar’s post regarding the negative reaction of some colleagues … Continue reading

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Biochembelle and my secret identity

I have been blogging as biochembelle for approximately 1.3 years now. It has been a fascinating thing. Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking considerably about where this part of my life has come from, where it has taken … Continue reading

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Blogging with substance-which substance, we won’t say

The substance could be coffee. Or something stronger. I’m not telling. A couple of days ago, Jason Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal tagged me in a little meme purportedly started by The Blogfather Bora. This meme is short, and the … Continue reading

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