My personal manifesto

Ever wished you could a message to yourself in the past? I wrote a letter to a 13-year old biochembelle for the Science Club for Girls Letter to My Younger Self project. It’s meant to be for a kid that was starting high school 15 years ago. But I’m still learning the same lessons to this day. A few months ago, sitting quietly one evening, I jotted down something that I hoped would become a credo. I came across it again last week, and it seems fitting to share in conjunction with that letter to my younger self. This is my personal manifesto:

Don’t be afraid of who you are.

Don’t be afraid of what others think of who you are.

Be bold. Be free. Be you.

The world will learn to go on around you or with you.

When you hide behind the faΓ§ade, the world loses out…

And you lose yourself.

Be bold. Be free. Be you.

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8 Responses to My personal manifesto

  1. That’s very good! My personal manifesto also contains the following maxim:

    “Don’t allow emotional reactions to other people to distract you from your goals.”

  2. Namnezia says:

    Nice! There’s even a Cat Stevens song to go with you credo. Did you ever see Harold and Maude?:

  3. Dr. O says:

    The world will learn to go on around you or with you.

    I like this part especially. I should really work on writing my own up, some of the same sentiments, but other distinct ones as well. I might also steal this line from yours. πŸ™‚

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