Please standby…

We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming… sometime.

I am not going to apologize for my lack of blogging this year. I am still here. I have no intentions of giving up blogging. I miss it-not just writing but also reading and commenting on so many other blogs I love.

The intermittent posting and silence are the direct result of a crazy hectic quarter (which is why this isn’t an apology ;)). There have been grant and award applications (and I have to get to work on another soon), new collaborations, grad school manuscript that I’m re-writing, setup for various parts of my projects, and typical getting-shiznit-in-order-in-the-lab business. There’s lots of stuff going on, but I’m having a blast.

Several things are kicking around in my head and, when I find the time, I will post them. So keep your RSS feeds tuned in. I’ll be back!

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1 Response to Please standby…

  1. Anthea says:

    I’ll keep my RSS feed tuned! 🙂

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