Wherefore [Or rather, where] art thou, Biochembelle?

Life is always busy…

The past six weeks have been a little more so than usual – starting with a move of residence. It was a local move (same job, different apartment), but as probably all of you know, while distance adds many complications, any move creates chaos: culling, packing, moving from point A to point B, unpacking, arranging, getting one’s bearings… And meanwhile, I’ve been dealing with the experiment from hell (Why won’t you just work the way you’re supposed to? [whimpering in corner])

It takes a little time to settle into a routine, new or old. I’m getting there. There are a couple of nearly completed posts in the hopper, and many more things I want to write about when I find time. Thanks to all you patient readers who continue coming back even when I’m sporadic in posting 🙂

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4 Responses to Wherefore [Or rather, where] art thou, Biochembelle?

  1. “Wherefore” means “why” or “for what reason”, not “where”.

  2. And in Romeo and Juliet, what Juliet is asking is not where is Romeo, but rather the rhetorical question why must he be Romeo–and thus forbidden to her–instead of someone else whom she could freely love.

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  4. biochembelle says:

    Thanks for the grammatical and literary lesson, PhysioProffe – a clear example of why I tend to take more time to put together a post than just throwing one up as I did here…

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