Return to Running

Over the last few months, I’ve slacked off in the fitness department. But now it’s time to bring it back.

As added motivation, I agreed to run a half marathon with Dr24Hours in May. There’s now a whole little team of Twitter scis involved. This is an excellent prompt for me to get out the door and run in the cold and snow that has beset my base city, to commit to hitting the gym when I really would rather not.

If you’re looking for a concrete goal, think about joining us! And any immunology folks out there, the event coincides with the annual AAI meeting in Pittsburgh this year.


Time to get out the door and run like hell.

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3 Responses to Return to Running

  1. cascade21 says:

    Good luck! I too want to get back into the rundouchery routine this year and will strive to get fit enough for a half marathon in October!

  2. I like the idea of having a concrete goal. I’m in a walking/yoga exercise routine just to establish a consistent habit, but I hope to get to something like a 5k or marathon someday.

  3. eLPy says:

    Props and good luck! Like everyone else slacking off on exercise has been my latest habits. Last summer I was running at least every other day. This year I want to get started on this earlier and I too want to run a half-marathon this year, a goal I first created a couple years ago.

    So I know how you feel and I hope you succeed. It’s a can-do year and I’m hoping posting my goals will help me hold myself accountable. Keep us posted on your progress; while I can’t join your group I join you in spirit and in the blogosphere!


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