#digiwrimo check-in

November is flowing by, now 2/3 gone.

I started #digiwrimo with the goal to write everyday.

Technically I’ve done that.

But the real intention was to spend at least half an hour everyday writing for myself. I’ve come (surprisingly) close to that. The time is not always the most focused. I might feel like I should have gotten more produced in the time. But that wasn’t part of the deal. The deal was about making the time, not volume or quality of writing.

I’m (re)discovering things in this process:

  • I am not a fast writer – even when I think I know what I want to say.
  • I often write things two or three before I actually get it down. I write. I tweak. I re-write.
  • I edit and revise as I write. This is probably not the most effective approach. (Maybe someday I will learn to just write and do the other bits later.)
  • I sometimes have a lot to say. But for my writing process (and for digital reading), it’s often better to break it into pieces.
  • I can get tangled up in my own writing and ideas. When I write, I just start writing; I don’t organize my thoughts first. This process works when I’m not sure where I’m going, less so when I have a clear topic with many facets.
  • Words are first. Always. Images are often afterthoughts, trying to find something that works with what I’ve written, when I even bother to pull an image.
  • Words are my primary medium. I’m comfortable with Twitter and blog formats. I’m looking for a a little something more. Once upon a time, photography was a bit of a hobby. I wonder if picking it up again might do something for my digital writing.
  • Connecting – with others and the world around me – is an important part of creating. Connecting sparks ideas, provides motivation, offers new viewpoints. I need to make figure out how to build, nurture, and discover connections through digital media again.
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