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The third bear can be hard to find

Time is one of those strange things of which I always seem to have too little or (on rare occasion) too much. It’s almost impossible to find the baby bear’s schedule, in which it’s all juuuuuust right. A year ago, … Continue reading

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Payoffs of wasting time

“Nothing matters but papers.” This is the mantra of some folks in academic science, as highlighted in Doctor Zen’s post, which was sparked by a comment from an SfN10 blogger on Tideliar’s post regarding the negative reaction of some colleagues … Continue reading

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To be me again…

Yesterday I finally had that moment where I realized I’m beginning to feel like me again. Maybe you know what I mean. For quite a long time now–at least a year, if not closer to two–I’ve felt out of sorts … Continue reading

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Give and Take

Balance seems to be one of those things that everyone is trying to find. It’s a difficult and delicate thing to maintain. For me, it often ends up looking like this: Video 1. belle chases her tail whilst precariously balanced. … Continue reading

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