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Sezen & Sensibility: Lab dynamics & the promotion of (ir)responsible conduct of research

The chemistry tubes have been abuzz lately with the ongoing saga of the Bengu Sezen misconduct investigation. For excellent coverage, go check out ChemBark’s posts. It is a disturbing tale of years of data fabrication, fraud, sabotage, evasion, and perjury … Continue reading

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Living in the Void: How much is a postdoc worth?

A couple of months ago, I wrote what I intended to be the first post in a series about issues concerning postdoc pay, benefits, protections… We tend to fall into this amorphous, ambiguous state. We’re not students anymore, but we’re … Continue reading

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What you say vs. what I hear

The number of white men entering careers in science is dropping, and some cite this as evidence that careers in science are falling out of favor. Is there really a correlation? And what does the assertion say for the rest of us? Continue reading

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If a white guy isn’t there, why would anyone want it?

A while back I ran across this assertion in an article about the fate of science in the U.S. that bugged me. Basically it cites the fact that fewer white guys are pursuing scientific careers in the U.S. as evidence … Continue reading

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